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Jun 28 2010 4:49PM
Hey. Please join!

Okay so I have a profile on this website rolepages.com. People act like characters, actors, actresses, and they make up there own characters. On it I am Joan Jett from The Runaways and from Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. She is really cool! I was hoping whoever reads this joins that website. Please join. It would mean a lot to the creator. And also please join joanjett.ning.com.
Feb 9 2010 5:56PM
B-day party!

Maryenny is like never on AIM.Oh well but I really hope she can come to my Birthday party!!im finally havin a birthday party on March 5,2010.....my first birthday party in like 2 years..i rlly hope maryenny can come!!
Dec 17 2009 5:32PM

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO BORED!!!!!!i am waiting for Maryenny and Zuleika to get on aim!!!!
Dec 16 2009 7:32PM

Heyy if anybody knows a girl named Maryenny Lajara tell me or send me a message because she isn't talking to me right now and it's making me a little mad!!
Dec 15 2009 5:07PM

heyy wats up im actually waiting for my friends Maryenny and Zuleika to get on aim cuz im really bored and i really feel like talking to them.and yeah im really really bored.nothing to do MAA BORED!!
Dec 2 2009 7:28PM

I am so bored.No one is on aim.Youtube is a little tiny bit boring!
Oct 12 2009 4:20PM

im rlly bored there is nothing to do.....well bye!!(:
Oct 11 2009 6:46PM

bored....miss sara
Oct 3 2009 4:33PM

Oct 2 2009 4:54PM
So you think you know me.

Think you know me as good as you think you do? Try to answer all of these questions...

1. What is my middle name?

2. When is my birthday?

3. What is my favorite food?

4. What pets do I have?

5. Who are my best friends?

6. What do I fear the most?

7. What is my talent?

8. What is my favorite color?

9. What music do I like?

10. How old am I?

P.S.-Send me a message if you think you know the answers.
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