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Chrome is actually an open-source browser project that serves your Chrome Web browser. It aims to create a faster, more stable and safer way for people to navigate to the Versionis version of the Web browser Chrome. If you use this browser, this new version will be much more stable, quiet and reliable. The ultimate goal is to make sure that the graphical interface is broken. The Program requires the smallest user interaction, and the process will disturb you only if necessary. Google Chrome as a base, but also equips Chrome with several exclusive features such as Automatic Updates and additional video support formats. In other words, Google includes an open-source browser in Chrome and adds licensed codecs such as AAC, MP3 and support; Adobe Flash plug-in, (function () {(“Review-app-page-desktop”);}); For the first time in relation to the design of the pen source, it originated in 2008. But not many of us know that open source code has been released at the same time. Project Chromium maintains this open source code. Google, on the other hand, maintains chrome. The name of Chrome may seem inspired, but you should know that the open Source Viewer is marked with Google. That said, the project is still quite the experience of Google. For example, an open source web browser consists of the same synchronization attributes that are located in Chrome, you can access the registered users area using your Google account.

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